PVS in Taicang

The first Chinese location of PVS in Shanghai which was founded in January 2012 has a very positive development since start of production. As a result, the existing premises reach their limits. For this reason, the search for an additional building began to increase product and storage capacity. In the end of February PVS found a suitable building in Taicang.

Taicang is located north of Shanghai and has close contacts to Germany. Already 287 German companies are based in Taicang, and there are also training places offered such as toolmakers, mechatronics and industrial electricians on the model of dual education. Furthermore, some PVS customers are also based in Taicang.

The lease agreement for the building in Taicang was signed on March 8, 2018 and it has a production area of 4,200 square meters / 45,200 square feet. Initial preparations for the hall construction have already been made.

The PVS Group is in the starting blocks for the second "China Adventure".

Jürgen Frank, General Manager

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