Congressman Mike Turner supports PVS in the United States as part of the Paycheck Protection Program.

In late March 2020, US President Donald Trump signed a program to help smaller companies in the United States keep their workers on their payroll during the Covid 19 crisis, thereby avoiding layoffs. This Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was previously approved by the U.S. Congress when the CARES law (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act) was passed. The program allows companies to apply for a grant that will ensure that employees continue to receive wages.

The US location of the PVS Group in Huber Heights, OH takes this opportunity and is one of the first companies to apply for the subsidy for continued payment of wages. But there are problems when applying because subsidiaries of foreign companies cannot apply for such grants. After research, however, it turns out that this was not what Congress intended. The bank supports the PVS Plastics Technology intention and eventually finds out that PVS does not have an SBA tax number because the company has not worked with government agencies so far.

PVS then contacts Congressman Mike Turner, the former Mayor of Dayton, Ohio, for help. PVS explains the problem and makes it clear that the company is making a major contribution to coping with the corona crisis in the USA by producing plastic components for respirators.

Thanks to the support of Mike Turner, PVS quickly receives an SBA tax number and thus benefits from a grant that depends on the amount of the wages.

PVS Plastics Technology Corp. employees at the Huber Heights, Ohio location thank you very much for the great support.

Chad Terrill
PVS-Plastics Technology Corp. | Huber Heights, OH
June 30, 2020

Link to the online article in Dayton Daily News dated July 12,2020:

PVS Team in Huber Heights, Ohio

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