Tree sponsorship

Tree sponsorship for 500 trees in the fit4future forest in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Trees are real climate protectors, because they filter the greenhouse gas CO2 from the air and store it in their wood. The trees planted will continue to do good for people, animals and the climate for many decades to come.

This is one reason for PVS to focus on nature conservation and sustainability in our Christmas campaign this year, because we bear responsibility for our children and for a planet worth living on.

Through the Cleven Foundation's fit4future natur initiative, PVS-Kunststofftechnik has donated 500 trees. Through the donation campaign Give a Future - Plant Trees, fit4future natur, together with Hitradio antenne1 and the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection, supports the regional reforestation of Baden-Württemberg's forests. For example, 1,300 trees were planted this year at PVS's corporate headquarters in Niedernhall.

Beate Schinko | Marketing

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