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PVS respects your privacy

The protection of your privacy in the processing of your personal data as well as the security of all business data are very important to us, and we take those matters into account in our business processes. What is also important to us is that you always know what data we store, when we store it and how we use it


Data protection

The protection of personal data – e.g. your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address – and the responsible handling of information that you entrust us are of particular importance to us. This also includes the data that is created in the background while you are using the Internet. If you are asked to provide personal data on any of our web pages, information on the intended purpose of its processing will be given, and you will be asked for your consent if necessary.


Applicable law

PVS hereby assures that under the applicable German law, your data will be treated as confidential as required by data protection law.


PVS does not use any cookies.

Your visit to the PVS web site / utilization of usage data

Data protection also applies to your visit to our web site. By default, our web server will save the name of your Internet service provider, the web page from which you visit us, the pages of our web site that you visit, and the date and duration of your visit. Whenever our web site is viewed, PVS is provided usage data (e.g. IP address, date, time, pages viewed), which will be stored for security purposes and may make identification possible. The usage data will be analysed for statistical purposes. The regular analyses of the web pages' access statistics reflects the development of visitors' responses at different times as well as differences in the success of the various offers on our web site. Among other things, it forms the basis of the web site's further development. No disclosure of user data to third parties will take place, neither for commercial nor for non-commercial purposes.


Processing of other personal data

Your personal data that we did not receive over the Internet / our web site is also stored on specially protected computers. The reading and further processing of your data is governed by strict internal regulations and, in addition, takes place only for the purpose for which you have provided the data to us. We will not sell or hire out any personal data to third parties not belonging to PVS. An internal use in connection with extensive customer care will only take place if you give us your consent to it.


Public Procedure Register

Pursuant to Art. 4g of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDGS), the Data Protection Officer must make the data set forth in Art. 4e of the BDSG available to anyone in a suitable form on application. We hereby fulfil that statutory obligation directly so that we will not require any individual application from your part.

  1. Name of the entity responsible:
    PVS-Kunststofftechnik GmbH + Co. KG
    Salzstr. 20
    74676 Niedernhall

  2. Representative(s) of the entity responsible:
    Managing Director: Jürgen Frank

  3. System administrator: Thomas Jarmer

  4. Data Protection Officer: Henriette Kurth

  5. Address and contact information of the entity responsible:
    Salzstr.20, 74676 Niedernhall
    Phone: +49 (0) 7940 9126-28


Purpose of the collection, processing or use of data

The purposes of the company are the development, manufacture and distribution of plastic parts in the areas of ventilation technology and electric motor components as well as the provision of related services. The collection, processing and use of data takes place for the fulfilment of the above purposes.


Regular periods for the deletion of data

The storage periods of the data are regulated by law. After the expiry of the periods, the data concerned is deleted routinely. If data is not concerned by this, it will be deleted if the purposes mentioned in Item 3 cease to exist.


Transmission of data to third countries

Insofar as it is permitted and necessary, customer and supplier data will be transmitted to the subsidiaries in Hungary, China and the USA for processing within the scope of the purposes mentioned in Item 3.

Description of the groups of persons concerned and of the data and data categories related to them:

Personal data is collected, processed and used mainly on the following groups of persons insofar as the data is needed for the fulfilment of the purposes mentioned in Item 3:

  • Customers (address data, identification data, contract data)
  • Suppliers (address data, identification data, contract data)
  • Staff members and applicants (address data, identification data
  • contract data, data concerning payment transactions)
  • Business partners and agencies for accounting and performance data
  • Banking institutions, if they have been assigned with payment transactions


Recipients or categories of recipients that the data may be transmitted to:

  • Public authorities which receive the data due to provisions of the law (e.g. social insurance institutions, financial authorities etc.)
  • External contractors (service enterprises) under Art. 11 of the BDSG
  • Internal departments that are involved in the execution of the business processes concerned
  • Subsidiaries in Germany and abroad

General description enabling a provisional judgement on whether the measures under Art. 9 of the BDSG are adequate for guaranteeing a safe processing:

We take technical and organizational safety measures in order to protect data administered by us against accidental manipulation, loss and destruction or against access by unauthorized persons. Our safety measures are improved continuously in line with technological progress.

Niedernhall, 01 March 2016

PVS Kunststofftechnik GmbH +Co.KG

Data Protection Officer


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