The PVS Group

Our vision: Where we want to go

Together with our business partners, we want to contribute to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly high-tech solutions in plastics worldwide.

Vision 2025

Our mission: Why we do what we do

Our founders have already put it in our veins: repeatedly questioning the status quo and leaving the beaten path. They have written the script for the success story of PVS Plastics Technology.

We attach no importance on putting ourselves at the forefront. The proverbial Hohenlohe diligence and our sincerity allow us to get up every morning and do our best for our customers and business partners. We love technology and repeatedly delight our customers and ourselves with innovative ideas. With great passion and motivation, we have been developing economic plastics solutions and making a lasting contribution to the success of our customers since 1976.

Our corporate culture is a solid foundation for the positive development of the PVS company. An important part of this culture is the preservation of the values ​​and principles that define the relationship with our customers, employees and suppliers.

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Mr. Jürgen Frank

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Mr. Jürgen Frank

General Manager

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