Values & Principles

Our values: What we stand for

Our corporate culture is based on values ​​and principles that define our attitude towards our customers, business partners, employees and the public.

Reliability & responsibility

The business partners of PVS can be sure that we keep to the rules in our global environment and unfair methods of obtaining advantages are not the style of our company. We give our business partners the same confidence as our customers give us. Trust also means that each party in a customer-supplier relationship actively takes responsibility for their actions.

Innovation & continuous improvement

Those who rest and are content with the status quo run the long-term risk of being overtaken by market competitors. The particularly valuable employees of PVS are characterized by the development of innovations and suggestions for improvements and also monitor their implementation.

Support & Team

PVS supports and encourages a working environment in which a smooth cooperation based on interest, understanding and consideration is possible. On the other hand, it prohibits turf wars and reckless and scheming behavior.

Appreciation & respect

The form of company behavior is strongly influenced by the nature of the company's internal language. A tone that recognizes and respects the dignity of your counterpart as well as a familial working environment are a prerequisite for a long-term successful coexistence. In addition, a consciously objective type of discussion that is open to criticism is also required in order to be successful in the long-term. 


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