Performing - Vibrant - Sociable

Orange is our company colour and represents our company´s characteristics. 

It is known as a rejuvenator and represents vital strength and activity. The warmth of color lifts moods and symbolizes optimism and vitality. Orange also has a constructive effect, is positive and strengthens cohesion.

That suits us, because we are uncompromisingly honest with each other and trust one another. We are creative, innovative and therefore also break boundaries. The roots of our tradition form the basis for our visions.

Our team guarantees you any type of support. We invest in the future and feel like one big family, in which the values ​​and principles are lived together respectfully. With heart and mind and without an elbow policy or tactical games. For this purpose, we presuppose a high degree of understanding, because:

We are all PVS - we all stand for orange.

Mr. Alexander Thomas

Your contact person:

Mr. Alexander Thomas

Head of HR

Phone: +49 7940 9126-0